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S&S Bucking Bulls

S&S Bucking Bulls is our cattle company. Through S&S we haul our bucking bulls to ABBI events, local rodeos, and PBR events. Our bulls our treated just like athletes, because they are athletes. Each animal is on a strict diet designed to allow them to perform at their very best, while looking their very best. 


The Practice Pen

Practice makes perfect. The bulls need the practice just as much as the riders do. We have a scheduled practice pen every Tuesday night at 6:30PM. The practice pen is open to all bull riders. 

For more information regarding the practice pen please contact Eddie Scarberry at 352-801-0879 or Hayleigh Scarberry at 352-223-9774 or send us a message on facebook.

Our Athletes

Below are just some of our bulls here at S&S. Some are still here and some have found new homes on the rodeo trail. 

Interested in purchasing a bucking bull?

Click the link below to  contact us.

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